The 5 Best Reusable Grocery and Zero Waste Bags

From grocery tote to sandwich bag, the popularity of reusing a bag is not new. Partly in answer to the growing number of single-use plastic bag bans around the US, and partly due to our increasing awareness of the negative impact of those bags on the environment, today, there’s not a grocery store, farmers market, or retailer that doesn’t have at least a few reusable bags dotted around the aisles.

However, it’s worth remembering that not all reusable bags are made equal. It can be overwhelming choosing a bag with so many available, and there are some that are not particularly environmentally friendly.

However, it’s still possible to grab a reusable alternative that is kind to the environment while also promoting fair trade, and there are a few general points to consider when purchasing a bag that will help you ensure that you are, in fact, making the most informed decision:

Armed with this information, you can take the time to research and grab the best zero waste bag out there, ensuring you’ve got an alternative that truly cuts down plastic waste and minimizes your impact on the environment. To get you started, read our reviews of the best reusable grocery bags around and grab a bag!



Source: aNYbag

At the top of our list of best zero waste bags comes the aNYbag. Made in Manhattan by New Yorkers using waste sourced directly within the Big Apple itself, it’s a true model of circularity. Each bag is created by carefully weaving 95 repurposed and upcycled plastic bags together with cotton cord to fabricate a unique textile made for durability and style. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds go to the City Parks Foundation, helping to transform and invigorate parks across the US.

The idea behind aNYbag came from Brooklyn-based Alex Dabagh. As an artisanal leather goods manufacturer by trade, he had little intention to move into “sustainable” fashion, however, as he witnessed the rise of gentrification and the subsequent flood of waste that followed it, he began to consider how his existing skills might help minimize the city’s waste problem—giving birth to aNYbag at the same time.